About Us

The company “Global Service +” was founded in 1999 in Georgia.

Our company has been providing clients and partners with the following services over the years:

  • General/Routine Maintenance
  • Road construction/repair
  • Construction/refurbishment/installation (exterior, interior finish works, flooring, etc.)
  • Construction management (administration, safety, QA/QC management, project scheduling, material load schedule, follow-up, project assessment & commissioning)
  • Design & engineering support & supervision
  • Civil works
  • Security & Fire Alarm systems installation/maintenance
  • Electrical works & Cabling
  • Mechanical works/HVAC system installation & piping
  • Logistics and procurement
  • Transportation service & transport management
  • Meet & Greet Service
    • Various vehicle supplies during Western-Route Pipeline Construction Project (passenger mini-bus, trailer, dump truck, crane, cherry-picker, dozer, etc)
    • Water supply at Pump Stations, Pressure Reducing Stations and Radio Stations (Western Route Pipeline: Baku-Supsa). GPC project
    • Sewage service at Pump stations and Pressure Reducing Stations (western route pipeline) GPC project
    • Electrical system installation, cabling, connection and repair at the stations of western route pipeline
    • Water/ sewage system connection and repair at the stations of  western route pipeline
    • Installation and repair of A/C units at the stations of  western route pipeline
    • Drain system renovation at the sites of  western route pipeline
    • Wagon repair and upgrading/refurbishment work of  western route pipeline
    • Civil works: handle excavation trenches for cable or drains, fencing and gate installation, etc.
    • Emergency works (covered by special contract for emergency situation) during emergency at Kvirila River, along pipeline
    • Top soil reservation and contaminated soil disposal to the recycling facilities.
    • Construct and refurbish car-parking area in front of PRS2 (Mandeeti)
    • Mechanical works at the pump stations.
    • Arrange cathodic protection along western route pipeline.
    • Valve stations upgrading along western route pipeline.
    • Various dismantling works at the sites of western route pipeline.
    • Various cargo transportation; both: standard and non-standard.
    • Road repair works:  road trenches, asphalting, cover with gravel or special concrete road slabs (f.e. Supsa oil terminal entrance road).
    • Provide tea ladies service at the stations of western route pipeline.
    • Safety and road sign manufacturing and installation.
    • Oil spill project along the pipeline: take wax drams to the proper place for recycling.
    • Various carpenter works: repair or change locks, handles; arrange workshops at the sites
    • Diesel supply management of the sites in emergency situations.
    • CCTV camera installation, cabling at Marine Base and Supsa Terminal as well as at PS11, PS13, PS15, PRS1 and PRS2  together with Tyco Engineering.
    • Fire Alarm System installation at Supsa Terminal and Marine Base together with Tyco Engineering.


  •  Spie Petrofac (BTC Pipeline Project)
    • Water supply disinfection, pets control and sanitary service for catering of the sites at JVC project.  (PSG1, PSG2, Akhaltsike camp)
    • Routine maintenance services at the sites of JVC.
    • Temporary office facility manufacturing & installation at the BTC sites.

     Bechtel Inc.

    • Incinerator facility construction  in Kutaisi
    • Temporary office facilities installation/maintenance at job site for CRL (currently LUGAR LAB) Tbilisi, in Alekseevka, Tbilisi
    • Bulk Excavation at the CRL (currently LUGAR LAB), Tbilisi
    • Akhaltsikhe ZDL design and engineering supervision
    • Civil works at  Batumi,Ozurgeti,Telavi VDL
    • Design & refurbishment works at Eliava Institute in Tbilisi
    • Transshipping Building construction at the CRL (currently LUGAR LAB)
    • sewer, storm water, gas pipeline construction and manhole fabrication/installation at the CRL (currently LUGAR LAB) site, Tbilisi
    • landscaping and asphalting project at the CRL (currently LUGAR LAB) , Tbilisi
    • Logistics & procurement

    CH2M Hill

    • Logistics & procurement
    • Fire/Alarm system refurbishment at the CPHRL (currently LUGAR LAB), Tbilisi
    • Electrical works: installation of electrical conduits, cabling, various lighting fixtures & receptacles.
    • Installation of industrial sterilizers, reverse osmosis system and laboratory waste system
    • Mechanical remediation works at the CPHRL (currently LUGAR LAB) , Tbilisi
    • Interior works at the CPHRL (currently LUGAR LAB), Tbilisi: installation of ceiling and gypsum board walls, painting, installation of doors & high security electrical door locks
    • New water line/manhole construction at the CPHRL (currently LUGAR LAB), Tbilisi
    • Disinfection of main water supply line
    • Installation of domestic triplex water booster system
    • HVAC system: Installation and startup of industrial fan coils, reconfiguration of ducting system, Installation of various exhaust & transfer grills
    • Installation of blow down, sample cooler, conductivity probing, drainage & vent systems for industrial boilers. Reconfiguration of steam supply & return systems
    • Maintenance Services at the CPHRL (currently LUGAR LAB), Tbilisi
    • Epoxy & Vinyl floorin

    Chemonics Georgia/NEO

    • Water pipeline design & rehabilitation works
    • Storm water pipeline design & rehabilitation works
    • Water tank design, manufacturing, installation, water disinfection works
    • Variours concrete works at different sites in Shida Kartli Region bordering to occupied territory by Russians

     Halliburton Breswater B.V.

    • Supply of Goods and Services
    • Equipment Rental Services


    • Construction/Refurbishment Work
    • Fence Installation

    Mercy Corps Georgia

    • Constructing two Biosecurity Points for Sheep & Cattle and two Water Points on Existing Animal Movement Route
    • Arrangement of the trellises
    • Building of the Apiarist Workshop

    Parsons Govt. Svcs. International Inc.

    • Various building renovation and construction works

    Emergency Management Agency

    • Building Rehabilitation worksWe collaborated with various western companies, such as: ”McConnell Dowell”, BP Georgia, Saipem, RESA, CAPE, Tyco/Engineering Services/ WormaldThorm , Petrofac, Bertling Caspian Bechtel Inc, CH2Mhill, Halliburton, Chemonics Georgia/NEO, etc.
      • Our Company structure is very flexible; so we can arrange crews per our contract scope and our client’s requirements.
      • Mostly we try to implement all of our work by the local crews, which are located in various regions all over Georgia. Our crews carry out safety training a prior starting the work and we provide them PPE. We provide full time on site safety officer up the client’s requirement.
      • We’re one of the main contractors of GPC /BP Georgia for 3 years.
      • We care about our image and always try to follow safety regulation; meet and respect our client’s interests. We’ve best track record for the works with GPC (Georgian Pipeline Company) and BECHTEL Inc.; no incident and no accident.
      • We’ve got more than 15 years experience of working with western companies. This experience gave us chance to learn western standard safety regulation. we’ve got our HSE Manual based on our experience working with western companies.
      • We’re also very well familiar with quality management system and we’ve got our QA/QC Manual based on our experience working with western companies.
      • Currently we’ve got contracts with CH2Mhill, USAID, in various regions of Georgia.
      • The list given above isn’t complete, but we hope it can give you an idea about our company profile and qualific